Wong Kar-Wai Directs Saint Laurent’s Latest Curated Short Film



Chinese film director, Wong Kar-Wai teams up with Saint Laurent for a curated short film, presented by the luxury brand’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello. This Hong Kong-based director is known for his trademark style and auteur craftsmanship and revered for his ability to embody the Hong Kong spirit in the second-wave film movement. Wong Kar-Wai is best known for his intimate portraiture taken amid the saturated city landscape of his hometown entitled, A Night in Shanghai.

Recruited by Vaccarello for his inspirational skills when envisioning emotion and artistic direction which emphasise the contrast between the fragile aspects of humanity and reality, Wong Kar Wai’s collaborative film with Saint Laurent documents a story of balance and introspective soul-searching. Presenting a contrast between the past and present, the film follows a protagonist eager to find herself and her freedom of expression amidst the noise.

When asked about the film, Wong Kar-Wai had this to say, “Saint Laurent is unique, distinctive among high fashion. Anthony loves art and his designs worn gorgeously, and stays independent. Saint Laurent is always about ‘breaking the balance’ in this era, like no one else, the brand is brave in expressing itself.”

Entitled “Self”, the film showcases a microscopic view of life and its complexities through the eyes of various artists, handpicked by Anthony Vaccarello, the project will premiere in Shanghai’s art district, at the Yuz Museum from 22nd to 24th November.


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