Why Tasmania Should be Your Next Holiday Destination



It isn’t a trip to Australia without going on a hot air balloon ride. The adventure started with an early morning pick up from our hotel by Liberty Balloon Flights staff before we travelled out to the launch pad area to hop aboard the hot air balloon.

After 30 minutes of inflating the balloon, we started the day drifting 300 metres above farmyards, mansions and a pretty town. Everyone got a spectacular view of the sun rising in the east and the pink tones and long shadows hitting the countryside below. On our flight, we travelled around 17 kilometres in a northeasterly direction from Carrick to the agriculture town of Hagley.

What a great way to end to our last day in Tasmania. After all, charm is what Tasmania does best.


I judge my travels by the density of the memories they create. The more distinctly I can recall the days, the more satisfied I feel. By the standard of sheer unforgettability, the six days I spent in Tasmania were as rewarding as any trip I have ever made – and fortunately, the recollections are all pleasant.

A few months later, I can clearly think of a dozen different chapters. In fact, there is just one thing I can’t remember about Tasmania: why did I have to Ieave after only six days?


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