The World’s Most Picturesque Restaurant



Housed in the grand dining room on the second floor of Fotografiska Museum along Park Avenue, the 150-seat picturesque Veronika restaurant was designed by local studio, Roman and Williams with reference to an array of artistic styles.

Named after the patron saint of photography, the Veronika’s 20-feet high ceiling is generously adorned with hand-painted murals and multi-tiered brass chandeliers, whilst its interior is fully furnished with leather chairs and cushy blue banquettes.

Serving an indulgent variety of classical Eastern European and French cuisine, the restaurant is revered for its osetra caviar and pays tribute to the all-day cafes of Vienna, St Petersburg and Budapest, under the expert culinary direction of esteemed chef Robert Aikens.

Greeted by artist Dean Barger’s ethereal murals of a forest landscape, the restaurant features a series of contrasting elements through utilizing both earthy and cyan tones, reminiscent of Dutch painter, theoretician and arguably one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan’s iconic work.

Alluding to the historically strained relationship between the art of painting and photography, the restaurant’s design aims to convey the idea of an intertwined evolution across different art forms – focusing on the early days of photography and how the new medium of expression impacted traditional art.

With seven tiers of apothecary bottle shelves and a bar made of honed black Saint Laurent marble, backed by a stained glass window, the Veronika features pale oak flooring, dark mohair seating, polished Rosa Perlino marble tabletops, custom egg-shaped lights, and blackened brass doorways – creating an atmosphere of eclectic modernism and romance.


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