Navy SEAL adventure tourism with Trident at The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina



Stephen Kaplan and James Beck are retired “operators”. In civilian parlance, they were part of an elite fraternity of Special Forces soldiers. Today, these retired Navy SEALs are owners of Trident Adventures, one of the world’s premier purveyours of the growing trend in adventure tourism.

Taking their experience of combat deployment all over the world, cross-cultural overseas operations, and 5000 dives with submersibles of all kinds, Kaplan and Beck bring a unique blend of high adrenaline antics in exotic, luxurious locales, often only seen on the big screen to the consumer with money to experience it.

The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina

Vacations are meant to be an escape your everyday life. Super spies and Panerai wearing “Expandables” get to travel the world shooting guns and doing all sorts of crazy activities, now, thanks to Trident Adventures, you get to live that life (if only for a day or two) of ultimate escapism.

The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina partnered with Trident Adventures to give guests the full Navy SEAL sea, air, and land experience. Kaplan and Beck begin your escapist adventure by training you like one of their own before you take your tourist adventure to the next level with a full day of tactical shooting, skydiving, scuba diving, and helicopter jumps with epic views of Hawaii from 10,000 feet in the air, right before you hit the water and meet the diverse marine life on the sea floor off the coast of Ko Olina.

$15,000 for the complete experience and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel like “Bond, James Bond”. One of the most action-packed tours offered on Oahu, begin your incredible, first class tourist adventure with Tactical Gun Shooting guided by your own US Navy SEAL instructor. Enter the Lazy L Ranch private estate and shoot on a Navy SEAL style firing range with a selection of 47 weapons including pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles: With multiple targets and multiple scenarios, the entire 4.5 hour adventure is designed to turn you into John Wick.

The SEAL in Navy SEAL stands for SEa, Air and Land. Come experience the “SEA” in SEAL, falling out of the sky strapped to your tandem instructor or if already one is already a qualified jumper, solo, all while enjoying the breathtaking views above Oahu at 10,000 feet before you go from the exhilaration of the sky to the depths of the ocean. One caveat: you won’t be jumping in your SCUBA gear like an actual SEAL, even with the death and injury waiver they make you sign before the course, James Beck explains that that sort of water ingress is much too dangerous for a civilian.

Having trained actors on Hawaii Five-O and Magnum PI and even served as consultants and stuntmen, Kaplan and Beck combine their unrivalled experience and expertise with a base at gorgeous Ko Olina, offering a wide variety of PADI courses (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) even for those with less macho-inclinations.

From private diving around exotic sea wrecks and fantastic snorkelling excursions around the splendid Waianae coast, experience spinner dolphins, sea turtles and if you’re lucky, pods of humpback whales. Ko Olina Marina is Oahu’s only privately-owned deep draft marina, you get the use of your own luxurious state of the art dive boat right at the resort, a rarity with most tourist diving expeditions.

The complete Navy SEAL experience starts from $15,000 per person. Individual course component rates for Helicopter Transportation and Tactical Shooting start from $6,999; Helicopter Transportation and Skydive Adventure from $4999

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