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Two hours away from the city of Santiago de Chile, is the 244-square-meter Slope House designed by architects, Ian Hsü and Gabriel Rudolphy. Sloped downward, the three-storey terrace house edges toward the mouth of the Rapel River, a man-made reservoir which feeds into a nearby dam.

Some of Hsü-Rudolphy’s architectural goals included prioritizing magnolious lake views and conserving the natural environment. As a result, the house is staked in varying sizes, each level is slightly shorter than the one above it – assimilating seamlessly into the natural environment without eroding land. Part of the duo’s aims were to create a harmonious dialogue between the artificial and the natural, as though the house had been born straight from the ground.

Each level of the house is connected through walkways designed as natural trails, bordered by trees. These walkways feature horizontal wooden cladding, covered in a protective treatment which darkens tone and complements both the natural terrain and design’s other steel and concrete elements – such as its blackened steel windows.

Overall, the house was built for low maintenance, high durability and quality of space. With pale wood and black steel lining the interior, its upper levels feature common spaces such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, and terrace. While the lower levels feature, a second terrace connecting to the ground and lake. Each level is given hierarchy according to its allocated space and height which range from 4m to 2.7m. Hsü-Rudolphy’s Slope House also includes a roof, three palatial bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.


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